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GPS allows you to submit your blog to our big list of guest posting and set minimum price for users. We will share your blog URL to the relevant clients and if they like your website we will let you know to post their content on you site. And give you the price through PayPal or bank transfer. Fill out the form below and kindly read our requirements below: 


    Earn money through your website or blog is great way to get passive income. So why not monitize your passion into earning. Get the best rates of your content at our website and we know the value of your content. 


     Your site must be 1 year old minimum. Traffic should be 5k / month. Domain authority 20 to above spam score maximum 15% not more. DR Should be 10 at least. Original content and blogs not spin. We accept all type of blogs expect porn. Fee free to email about our affiliate program at submit@LinksBuildingServices.com