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Living healthier starts with learning about your health. Health is an exceptional place to start on your path to wellness. It’s important not to confuse the two. Health is a part of wellness, but wellness is an overarching purpose and responsiveness to all areas of your life. Together, they can help someone to achieve a high quality of happiness and to achieve good health for a lifetime.

People frequently use the terms health and wellness interchangeably, but the terms do have different meanings. The main difference between health and wellness is that health is the goal and wellness is the active process of achieving it.

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Knowing the basics about certain health conditions, like diabetes or cancer, may help more aware of symptoms or risk factors. If you explore health and wellness information, you’ll find tips on fitness, nutrition, preventive care, mental health information, children’s health guidance and much more. Take a closer look and see what may help you most along your health and wellness journey.

Health & Wellness Factors

Questions Should Ask from Yourself

You should ask yourself some questions, such as:
• What are the top three sources of stress?
• Have I noticed any particular emotional triggers?
• What is the origin of my dysfunctional eating patterns?
• How will I create weight loss intentions that are practical and sustainable?
• Am I ready to switch careers to something healthier?
• How I can nourish myself and make peace with my body?

Dimensions of Health

1. Mental Health
Mental health is likewise as important as physical health. It is the state of balance between body and mind. The well-being of mind is also essential to health. It is easy to jump straight to eating better and exercising but mental health is first thing. Everyone should take care of his body, but if they have not addressed any mental blocks, mindset complexes, or past ordeals, they might not be successful at overall well-being so far. So everyone should nurture his mind through the choices he make in nurturing his body.

2. Physical Health
It means the perfect functioning of body in which each organ is working in harmony with maximum capacity. A good complexion, a clean skin, bright eyes, no too fatty, a sweet breath, good appetite, sound sleep, regular activities of bowl and bladder, smooth easy and coordinated body movements are the signs of physical health.
To improve physical health, a person might work with a doctor or other healthcare practitioner to identify illness or other issues.

3. Emotional Health
Emotions are part of mental health, and is considered as an important element of health. A person can’t be emotionally intelligent, just because he has resolved poor mental patterns or childhood traumas.
You will also need to retrain your brain to function in emotionally appropriate ways throughout all of your present day life and beyond. Taking good care of your emotions can have a huge impact on your ability to achieve well-being.

Dimensions of Wellness

These dimensions of wellness include:
1. Body: This includes what to put into body and what do with the outside of body, also include nutrition, movement and exercise, usage of products on skin and hair, usage of supplements and products to improve body.
2. Food: Prepare foods that are nutritionally dense is the key to using food as superpower toward wellness.
3. Rest: It is a crucial part of wellness, resting of body can detox, repair, and heal. Everyone need rest to feel best, whether it is in the form of sleep, relaxation, or time away from work.
4. Water: It is symbolic for the ways in which a human flow with life mentally and emotionally. The liquids that a person put into his body can make or break his health.
5. Sun: The sun helps us to make vitamin D in our bodies. The sun is also representative of our powerful energy.
6. Air: We are constantly breathing air in and out of our lungs. Cleaning up relationship with air helps to improve wellness in significant ways.
7. Mindset: Mindset, or intellectual wellness, is about physical care of brain as well as mental and emotional intelligence.
8. Career: Always choose healthy work environment. If a person spend time in a toxic work environment, he’ll find himself engaging in habits that hurt his body and mind.
9. Relationships: Relationships and social circles are an enormous part. Engaging with people in healthy ways.
10. Finance: Money is a challenging topic. Focusing on improving finances and having a healthy relationship with how a person get and use money. It can drastically improve ability to create well-being in life.
11. Spirituality: It means any kind of way about life that feels purposeful, and meaningful with a sense of belonging.
12. Purpose: It is an intellectual concept. Purpose helps drive all aspects of wellness.

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